Decode 100%
of Ultrasound data

With software-defined ultrasound, Resolve Stroke converts raw ultrasound data into actionable, life-saving endpoints for healthcare professionals and unlocks valuable biomarkers to drive advancements in healthcare.

Combine human and computational
intelligence to craft a unique ultrasound engine


Capture ultrasound echoes

Thanks to cutting-edge ultrasound sensors, we acquire rich data with unprecedented speed and sensitivity over large fields of view.


Digitize raw signals

We use the world’s most powerful data acquisition platform to acquire and digitize several hundred GB of raw ultrasound data in a single session.



To handle such large quantities of information, our proprietary engine relies on advanced models to get the most out of this data.

A first generation of
biomarkers under development

By analyzing ultrasound data in unprecedented ways, we’re equipping clinicians with the biomarkers necessary to anticipate and prevent adverse health events. Resolve Stroke is spearheading a new category of predictive insights that have the potential to drastically change patient care. Examples :


The delayed ischemic risk score predicts the likelihood of delayed brain damage following severe neurological injury. In intensive care units, this will help doctors to adapt their therapeutic strategy in patients with a high-risk profile.


The arterial permeability index aims to offer a crucial method to evaluate blood supply to the brain. It assesses whether there are any blockages in the major blood vessels supplying the brain. This aims to assist doctors in determining whether a patient requires specialized treatment to clear any blocked blood vessels.

Stealth scores

Cutting-edge biomarkers poised to revolutionize healthcare diagnostics for brain application and beyond.

*biomarkers in development, not available for sale

We are busy integrating our engine
into a first clinical platform



Theoretical concepts

First identifications of potential improvements through software-based ultrasound technology



First preclinical POCs

Numerous hardware developments and IA/Algorithms POCs



First clinical platform

Developing an end-to-end solution with the first Resolve Stroke’s engine



First clinical use cases

Capturing initial clinical use cases delivering diagnostics at the right place and time.




Leading the next leap in non-molecular diagnostics, from neurodegenerative diseases to diabetes.

Our latest publications


Quantum leap in ultrasound imaging Part 1: Software-Defined ultrasound

V. Hingot, Ph.D., O. Couture Ph.D, S. Bodard MD Ph.D.

Software-Defined Ultrasound is shaping new horizons in medical imaging. This article explores foundational principles of how ultrasound scanner architecture has evolved toward GPU-based processing, enabling advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to enhance image quality and clinical benefits.

Available soon

Quantum leap in ultrasound imaging Part 2: Biomarker discovery

V. Hingot, Ph.D., O. Couture Ph.D, S. Bodard MD Ph.D.

In a broad sense, quantitative imaging refers to the extraction and use of numerical features from medical images. According to the Quantitative Imaging Biomarker Alliance (QIBA), a biomarker is “an objective characteristic derived from an in vivo image measured on a ratio or interval scale as indicators of normal biological processes, pathogenic processes, or a response to a therapeutic intervention”.

Available soon