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Combine human and computational intelligence to craft a unique ultrasound engine 


Sense ultrasound echoes

Thanks to cutting-edge ultrasound sensors, we acquire rich data with unprecedented speed and sensitivity over large fields of view.


Digitize raw signals

We use the world’s most powerful data acquisition platform to acquire and digitize several hundred GB of raw ultrasound data in a single session.



To handle such large quantities of information, our proprietary engine relies on advanced models to get the most out of this data.

A first generation of biomarkers under development

To help intensive care professionals monitor brain health in patients, the first biomarkers developed by Resolve Stroke are intended to bring quantitative information to the standard of care.

Intensity curve
Perfusion Imaging

We are busy building SYLVER,
the first medical device to host our engine

Step 1

Preclinical evidence

First digital data with application of algorithms

Step 2

Laboratory prototypes

Numerous proofs of concept of different algorithms and AI models

Step 3

Clinical platform development

Developing an end-to-end solution with first relevant algorithms for brain monitoring

Step 4

CE marking & FDA approval

Product commercialization

Step 5

Cutting-edge biomarkers