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Decode ultrasound data to achieve unparalleled diagnostic performances

Our first goal is to bring non-invasive neuromonitoring closer to patient’s needs.


MRI & CT scans lead the digital transition

But their availability for many patients remains limited by high hardware and infrastructure costs.


Ultrasounds are accessible & safe

But their potential remains vastly under exploited with just 10% of the data being processed.

What if we could decode 100 % of the raw ultrasound data?

Resolve diagnostics

Our aim is to speed up care from emergency to complete patient recovery.

First responders


Images studies

Guided interventions

Bedside monitoring



Build a biomarker engine

To widen the access to diagnostic and solve unmet medical needs.



Provide non-invasive monitoring of the cerebral blood flows in neurocritical care.

Build tools to help physicians reach informed decisions

The first application of our engine will be made available in SYLVER*, an autonomous ultrasound scanner designed for neurocritical care.



Non-invasive, safe, compact, and user-friendly, no advanced expertise needed.


Reliable quantitive insights

Access to new markers for monitoring the cerebral blood flows and perfusion.

*In development, not available for sale.

Bring change to all stakeholders

    • Advance toward a more personalized treatment for critically ill patients.
    • Drive growth & improve productivity of neurocritical care departments.
    • Participate in overall cost reduction with strong medico-economic benefits.

Lead the digital transition in ultrasounds & unlock access to brain imaging


Reveal the full potential of data-driven ultrasound to help shape a brighter future


Creating change together

Latest news

Resolve stroke at RSNA

LinkedIn, Nov. 2023

Exciting time in Chicago attending the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2023 meeting.It has been a busy and energising 4 days, engaging with partners, industry leaders and KOLs.

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Resolve stroke, la medtech qui facilite le diagnostic de l'AVC

Les Echos, Sept. 18 2023

La start-up, issue du spin-off d’un laboratoire, vient de réaliser sa première levée de fonds de 2,2 millions d’euros. Elle va lancer ses essais cliniques avec le CHU de Caen à la fin de l’année.

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Resolve stroke remporte le prix innovation JFR 2023

LinkedIn, Oct. 2023

Resolve Stroke a remporté le premier Prix Innovation dans la catégorie Start-up aux JFR 2023 décerné par la Société Française de Radiologie et d’imagerie médicale (SFR)…

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How Paris is becoming a happy home for health-technology start-up companies

Nature, Nov. 08 2023

A long-term investment plan is helping the French capital to attract talent.

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La start-up française « Resolve Stroke » sélectionnée parmi les finalistes du Prix Spinoff 2023

Springer Nature, June.16 2023

Resolve Stroke, une start-up française […] a été sélectionnée parmi les cinq finalistes pour le prix Spinoff de cette année.

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Revealing vascular roadblocks in the brain

Nature, May. 24 2023

High-resolution imaging quickly identifies blood clots before they inflict major damage. Resolve Stroke in Paris spin off from Sorbonne University….

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