Transforming care
with Ultrasound

Transforming Ultrasound data into life-saving diagnostics
to impact millions of lives worldwide

Save lives by providing a diagnosis
in the right place at the right time

The numerical revolution in Ultrasound and AI enable new, earlier and more accurate diagnoses and treatments, significantly enhancing patient care and outcomes throughout the entire care pathway. We are just scratching the surface of understanding our developments’ impact.


First Responders

Enable pre-hospital triage for stroke and other critical conditions. Improve patient outcomes with faster, life-saving decisions.

Check eligibility for life-saving therapies to streamline patient triage before reaching the hospital.



Allow a better patient stratification to prioritize hospital resource allocation when access to imaging is limited.


Image studies

Provide numerical and precise insights into tissue morphology and function to aid in quantifying disease severity and tracking progression.



Facilitate both the preparation and monitoring of invasive procedures to help anticipate and reduce complications.


Criticale care

Bring imaging at the point of care, eliminate the need to transport critically ill patients to radiology, and reduce the time required to coordinate clinical schedules and support staff

Enhance point-of-care decision-making by providing additional data to mitigate the risk of potential deadly complications



Establish a sustainable approach for follow-up and screening, addressing long-term effects and rehabilitation needs including for neurodegenerative diseases.

Lead the next leap
in non-molecular diagnostics


MRI & CT scans are at the forefront of the digital transition

Benefiting from well-structured databases and reduced systemic biases such as operator dependencies. However, their availability for many patients remains limited by high hardware and infrastructure costs. Restricted access and data constraints hinder potential breakthroughs.


Ultrasound is a widely accessible imaging technology

However, conventional ultrasound remains limited due to performance constraints, with only 10% of the raw data being utilized, and it remains an operator-dependent imaging modality.

Empowering medical decisions
with Ultrasound


Build a software engine
To widen the access to diagnostics, solve unmet medical needs and support tomorrow ‘s precision treatments.


Make Ultrasound relevant for Brain Imaging
with transcranial imaging of the cerebral blood flows for neurology, intensive care and emergency medicine

The first application of our engine will be made available in SYLVER*,
an autonomous Ultrasound scanner designed for neurocritical care.

*In development, not available for sale.



Non-invasive, safe, compact, and user-friendly, no advanced expertise needed.


Reliable quantitive insights

Access to new markers for monitoring the cerebral blood flow and perfusion.

Bring change
to all stakeholders

Advance toward a more personalized treatment for critically ill patients.
Drive growth & improve productivity of neurocritical care departments.
Participate in overall cost reduction with strong medico-economic benefits.

From transcranial imaging
to predictive insights

Lead the digital transition in Ultrasound imaging

Harness the power of software-driven Ultrasound to improve imaging performances, reduce operator dependency and validate quantitative imaging biomarkers.

Provide a clinical data acquisition platform to empower ambitious clinical research projects and biomarker development.

Reveal the full potential of data-driven Ultrasound

Build a comprehensive database with raw Ultrasound data and clinical labels to engage in the AI revolution.

Leverage the clinical value of data-driven biomarkers to accelerate drug development for pharmaceutical companies.

Creating change together

Supported by partners

Collaborating with Industry leaders, Hospitals, and Healthcare associations to drive innovation and excellence in ultrasound diagnostics.

Supported by investors

Empowered by our investors to lead the next leap in non-molecular diagnostics.

Supported by awards

Recognized for our excellence and innovation with prestigious awards.

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Resolve Stroke, une start-up française […] a été sélectionnée parmi les cinq finalistes pour le prix Spinoff de cette année.


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High-resolution imaging quickly identifies blood clots before they inflict major damage. Resolve Stroke in Paris spin off from Sorbonne University…