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Vision, TECHNOLOGY & Applications

Our Vision

In an industry that critically needs innovation, we are constantly impressed by the potential of the Ultrasound Localization Microscopy (ULM) technology to solve medical challenges. Building a technology that can unlock so many possibilities is the adventure of a lifetime. We know the road ahead will be full of ups and downs. But that makes us even more determined to succeed and make life-changing / saving discoveries possible.

Our Technology

The development of Ultrasound Localization Microscopy (ULM) could widen applications for microvascular imaging by improving contrast, resolution, and penetration depth. Microbubbles, a contrast agent already clinically used to improve conventional ultrasound imaging, are injected into the blood flow and localized thanks to the ultrasound technology to reconstruct the microvessels.
Building on the first results of 3D ULM with small animals in 2018 in Olivier Couture’s Laboratory, Resolve is developing an ultrasound device based on ULM technology to image micro-vessels in 3 dimensions within minutes, allowing its use by many healthcare professionals. Our core technology has already demonstrated its viability in 2D in humans with very high definition images of micro-vessels through the human skull and in 3D in vitro.

Our Approach and applications

Resolve Stroke is a clinical-stage medtech. We focus our development toward the application of 3D ULM for non-invasive stroke diagnosis.

The first studies show the relevance of such imaging for the early diagnosis of stroke in humans by volumetric ULM, without the constraints and availability of MRI and CT. By targeting stroke first, we hope to have an impact on millions of people, as stroke is considered the second leading cause of death worldwide. Such an imaging device leading to a significant reduction in death and disability thanks to pre-hospital/hospital management of stroke opens a large market.



3D ULM imaging technology could have an impact far beyond stroke management. Blood flow in the Brain is Indicative of Overall Health. Access to blood flow data can prevent disability or death. With more than 200 clinical studies published annually, indications for the use of cerebral ultrasound are expanding !

« Building a technology that can unlock so many possibilities is the adventure of a lifetime. Beyond the early diagnosis of stroke and brain injuries, 3D ULM could solve many medical challenges from early diagnosis of diabetes, to liver monitoring. Many clinical discoveries are expected with the launch of our clinical-ready device. »

About Us

Resolve is a spin-off from the biomedical imaging Laboratory of the Sorbonne University in Paris. In May 2022, Vincent Hingot, Aritz Zamacola and Olivier Couture officially launched the company to supercharge the development of the lab’s promising super ultrasound localisation technology.

Based in Paris, our core technology is the result of over ten years of research around the ultrasound localisation microscopy (ULM). Led by Research Director Olivier Couture’s team, this work revealed new opportunities for medical imaging. A successful demonstration of stroke imaging with small animals confirmed the technology’s perspective for stroke management.

Driven by a powerful ambition to develop a new generation of ultrasound imaging device to solve unsolved medical issues, we are the only startup developing this type of breakthrough technology. And we are partnering with leading research groups to accomplish this goal.


Our executive co-founders, Vincent Hingot and Aritz Zamacola bring a unique combination of scientific excellence and business skills to the company. Our team is made up of the most accomplished experts in ULM technology. Our scientific advisor, Olivier Couture, is a renowned scientist and pioneer in super ultrasound localisation.

We are leading next medical imaging ultrasound breakthrough, and we are just getting started.

Meet our team

Aritz Zamacola

Aritz Zamacola

CEO & Co-founder

Ex. Roland Berger, core member of the global healthcare practice
MSc Biomedical Engineer, Imperial College, UK
MSc Engineering CentraleSupélec, France
MSc Strategic management, HEC Paris, France

Vincent Hingot

Vincent Hingot

CTO & Co-founder

World expert in Biomedical ultrasound and
Super Resolution Imaging

PhD Biomedical Ultrasound, Sorbonne Uni., Fr
MSc Engineering, ESPCI, France
Visiting Student, Harvard University, USA

Olivier Couture

Olivier Couture

Scientific advisor & Co-founder

World expert in ultrasound imaging and inventor of Ultrasound Localization Microscopy
Research Director @CNRS and team leader @Laboratoire d’Imagerie Biomédicale
PhD Medical Biophysics, Toronto Uni., Canadax 

Arthur Chavignon

Arthur Chavignon

R&D software engineer

Expert in Biomedical ultrasound and Super Resolution Imaging. Co-developper of the 3D super Resolution Imaging software

PhD Biomedical Ultrasound, Sorbonne Université, Fr
MSc Engineering CentraleSupélec, France

Leo Gury

Leo Gury

R&D hardware engineer / regulatory expert

Expert in regulatory affairs for Biomedical ultrasound device xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PhD material science
MSc Engineering ESPCI, France


Work with Us

Join a team with extraordinary ambition and talent

Our values


To solve one of the most exciting technological challenges in the medical imaging sector, we work with the best talent & partners who can achieve great science and fast results.

Scientific Integrity

We take trust and reliability seriously, from the medical devices we develop to the information we share.


We believe the top performing teams are the most diverse, and are committed to building a team with gender and background diversity.


We are invested in solving the world’s biggest problems and nurturing the culture of our company.


We are driven by a strong desire to understand and solve the most complex challenges.

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Resolve Stroke

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